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The complete platform to brand and manage links

Shorten your URLs to recognizable short links. Build your brand's authority by sharing powerful short links on social media and emails. is the complete link management tool to brand, analyze and create custom short links.


Change the destination URL for any short link. makes it easy to assign a new URL to any of your links, whether you want to correct a destination error, update a destination or manually expire old links.


Custom domains replace the “” in your links with the name of your choosing so you can take total control of your content. By using your brand in your links, your audience will know they can trust them.

Build Custom Audiences from every URL. Retarget Anyone Who Clicks On Your Links

Create custom audiences based on users who clicked your URLs. Reach people interested in specific content or your products and increase conversion. Run cross-platform retargeting campaigns and engage your precise target group. Amplify your chances of conversion by retargeting warm leads.

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Measure the success of any link. Measure Performance Of Any Link With Detailed Analytics

Make informed decisions for your brand’s digital strategy. Track engagement matrices on the content you share. Analyze KPIs such as Click performance, Conversion, Visitors by country, Visitors by source, and many more.

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Create personalized short links. Add Call-To-Actions To Every Link You Share

Personalize all your links before sharing on social media. Create friendly URLs that keep people coming back to your site. Customize a call-to-action on each shortened URL to be consistent with your brand. Customized links increase click-throughs by over 30%.

Powerful tools that work

Just one link for everything Create Beautiful Bio Landing Pages without Coding

Easily create & manage all your links in one place: personal website, store, recent video or social post. Share your link anywhere: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, in messengers.

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 every link you share

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Custom domains

Replace with your custom domain name to instill brand authority and recognition. Make sure that your domain name pops up at the right place by inserting it in every link you share. Build your brand's reputation through branded links.

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Bio links

Add all your content in one place with Bio Link. Share your Bio Link in your BIO on Instagram, Youtube, Tick Tok or Twitter! Create and edit your landing page in a easy steps. The advantage is that no programming skills are needed.

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Measure total and unique clicks every content receives, You can find out information like your users locations, operating systems, browsers, referrers, and times of clicks. This helps to understand the types of content people preferred and which platforms to keep investing in.

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Create a team to shorten and manage URLs with your colleagues from one place. You can add as many team members as you want, assigning 3 different roles: Admin, User, and Read-only.

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Link retargeting displays advertisements to users who previously clicked your short links. This helps to re-engage inactive users, increase retention, and convert visitors into customers. provides retargeting via services: Facebook Pixel, Twitter, AdRoll, Adwords and more.

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Use a free API to create, analyze, and manage short links with the help of programming languages. You can use cURL, Php and more. Build an application with cool shortening features, and track statistics.

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